How I organize my quilts


When I start to sew a quilt I have two main objectives in mind. First, I want to finish the project. This means I need to sew it out the way I want it. Second, I want it to be a good looking quilt. When I sew the quilt top together I try to keep these two goals in mind, but in order to do this I have to be organized. If I don’t have a plan, then there is no way I can make sure that I accomplish my goals. If you’re like me and you sew quilts as you go, then it’s time to start planning your quilts a little better!

The first thing I like to do is decide where I’m going to store the quilt once it’s done. I also like to figure out how I’m going to use the quilt once it’s done. I usually like to make the quilt so that I can use it for several years. I also think it’s helpful to figure out who will use the quilt once it’s finished. When I make a quilt for myself I almost always label it with the name of who I made it for and the type of project it is. That way, if I do decide to give the quilt away or make it into something else, then it is less of a hassle to do it.

When I make a quilt for someone else I like to write that on the back. I think it’s really helpful to have someone write that on the back. I also write my name on the back if that is the person who is going to use the quilt. That way, I don’t have to worry if I give it to someone else or if I sell it and then decide I want to give it to someone else, I can be sure that it will be okay.

The second thing I like to do is to figure out what order I want to sew my blocks together. I have found over time that if I don’t plan that out carefully, I tend to end up doing more sewing than I would have had I planned.

When I sew together my quilt top I like to start with the center blocks, the corner blocks and then the sashing. Once I get through these blocks, I usually start with the borders. I also try to sew the blocks together in the same order every time. That way, when I am finished and I have all of my blocks sewn together, I can go through the blocks and make sure that each block is right.

Once I start to sew my quilt top together I like to get an idea of how big the quilt is going to be. I like to make sure that I have enough fabric in my stash to cover at least two quilt tops. If I don’t have a good idea of how big the quilt is going to be I tend to cut way too much fabric. So, once I know how big the quilt will be, I take that into consideration when I am buying my fabric.

I have a couple of different ways that I organize my fabric. I have a box that I keep everything in. This is probably my favorite. There are several boxes in it. The boxes that are used for my quilt projects are always in the top box. The boxes are labeled with the name of the project and then the type of project. The boxes that hold all the fabric for any project are on the bottom. This way, when I need to pull fabric for the quilt project, I know that I have everything I need. I also like to keep my fabric in alphabetical order by color. That way, if I want to do a particular quilt project, I don’t have to sort through a lot of fabric to find what I want.

When I was first learning to quilt, I learned to sew a quilt top by following a pattern. This worked pretty well at first, but the only problem is that the directions don’t tell you when to stop. I think this is why the majority of quilters are organized in this way. Most of us just get in the habit of sewing the quilt top as we go. But, what this means is that we tend to sew all of our blocks together in order and then add the sashing and borders. I learned this way and it works for me, but I have found over time that it doesn’t always work for everyone. For those of you who sew quilt tops in a similar way, I hope you can understand where I am coming from.

I have been trying to break out of my habit of sewing quilt tops in the order I am going to sew them together and try to sew them together as I go. This is easier to do if I plan out my quilts a little more. So, in order to try this I need to make a plan and stick to that plan. This means that the blocks must be labeled and the order in which they are going to be sewn together.

Please share in comments how you organize your quilts.

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