How I organize my quilting fabrics


I love to keep everything together but it isn’t always possible. I have been asked to show people how I keep it organized. I would like to share that here in hopes of helping you with keeping your stash organized. I would like to know what works for you. I use all types of containers, bags, boxes, etc. But here are a few things that have worked best for me.


I use a plastic grocery bag for this purpose. You can buy them at any grocery store for $1. I use one at a time and it holds all of my cuttings. I label it with a sticker that says “Cuttings”. I don’t care if my bag gets messy or dirty or what. I just throw it in the trash when I’m finished. I don’t label each item. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. It is my choice.


I use a plastic shopper bag. This can be used to hold fabric as well. If you only have a few pieces of fabric to cut, you can cut them out of a plastic shopping bag.


I use a plastic cuttings box from the hardware store. It holds all the cuttings from the previous week’s work. I label it with my fabric shop and date. If I do a little shopping in that week, I put my labels on the plastic box and stick it in my cuttings bag.


I use a plastic sewing bag. I bought this one from a sewing supply store. I use this to hold all the pieces that I am going to sew in one day. I label it and keep my machine oil in it. I also like to keep my machine needles in there and some sewing thread. I can just use a plastic zip top bag if I want to.


This is a plastic covered cardboard box. I have one in each room. One is for fabric, one is for sewing, and the last is for buttons and trims.


I use a box from the grocery store that I bought to hold my paper plates, paper cups, etc. I put my fabric in this bag and put the zipper in it. If you use these, you won’t have to buy a separate bag for your fabric.

I would love to hear how you organize your quilting fabric.

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