New quilt ideas


I have a few new ideas for quilts in the works, so hopefully I will be able to post about them. The current WIP is a hexagon quilt with a sashing between the hexagons, and the sashing is a strip that starts at the long side and turns 3/4 of the way around the quilt, so the sashing wraps around all six sides, and then the sashing and hexagons meet in the center.

I made it for my mother-in-law, but I don’t want to say anything yet. I am using leftover batting from a quilt I made and I want to keep the batting a surprise.

I love making hexagons and I used the hexagons from the quilt I made for her, and then the sashing is another set of hexagons, that match up with the hexagons on the other end. They are also offset by half a hexagon, so they will meet up in the center. It is really big and will have a lot of batting, but it is such a pretty design! I’m very proud of it!

I am working on a couple of projects for myself. One is a quilt I want to make for my son for his 20th birthday. He wants something with a lot of detail, and the one he liked the most on Ravelry had a lot of diamonds in it. I have all of the diamonds cut out and ready, and just have to put them together in the correct pattern.

Another project is a wall hanging. I am using a pattern I made to make a wall hanging. It is a design that I made a few years ago for a block of the month, but I didn’t have enough fabric so I decided to make a wall hanging out of it. It is very blocky and I like it that way!

I also made a new bag. It’s a little too big for a purse but a little too small for a messenger bag, but it fits my iPad very well. It has room for things, and I like the shape of it.

I am just getting things organized in my studio. I have made a lot of things since I last posted, and I have to sort out what I have made, what is still in the planning stages, and what is finished.

I still have a lot of fabric that I would like to use, and am in the process of getting those cut out and sorted. I also would like to get all of the supplies that I have been hoarding out of the garage and ready to use.

So I am just sitting around waiting for the next adventure!

I would love to hear about what you are working on right now, and if you have any other tips for getting organized.

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