Jane Binder quilt


I love this quilt by Jane Binder, it reminds me of the “old” quilts of our family’s quilting heritage. We had a wonderful quilter back in the day named Gertrude Staehle. We’ve just started to bring the quilting tradition back to our family and I love it.

I also am drawn to the art nouveau style of this quilt.

And my favorite part of this quilt is the fabric in the little pockets in the center‚Ķ I’ve tried to replicate it.

I think this quilt, “Sophia’s Room”, is beautiful.

My favorite quilt in my own home is my grandmother’s “Wishing Quilt” that my mother gave me. It’s made by my grandmother and is filled with embroidered words to her children, including me.

I want to add to that and make my own “Wishing Quilt”. I have a whole stack of fabric and embroidery threads waiting. I just have to decide what to make and how to make it. I’m inspired by the art nouveau style of Jane’s quilt.

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