What scissors should you use for quilting?


I’ve asked many of you already about the best type of scissors to use, but I am now on the verge of asking for your suggestions for the best quality of scissors. I’ve found a few, but some you can get by with one of the ones that is in your own home and most people already have.

For example, I am using some that are my mother’s. The ones that are in her craft room are probably the best quality and have straight blades. They also are very good for cutting a very wide variety of materials, which my mother often does.

I also have some other scissors with straight blades that I use for cutting some of the thicker things, like batting or a backing fabric for a bag. I have a very long pair of good quality embroidery scissors that I use for quilting and cutting binding. I love that my mother uses the same pair for shears to cut fabric as well. So I know it’s a good pair.

I just want to find the scissors that work the best for me and my purpose.

There are two types of scissors that people use for quilting. Those that are designed for cutting batting and fabric and those for cutting thread.

I’ve found that those that are made specifically for cutting batting and fabric, cut the best, but some of them are harder to find and more expensive than the thread cutters.

I like them because they are very sharp and will cut better with a steady hand.

However, if you don’t have one of those in your home, then some of the thread cutters will work fine. I’ve cut batting, fabric and thread using a simple pair of cheap scissors. I’ve used some thread cutters, but it works well with scissors that are a little wider and thicker and that is what I prefer to use. They are also easy to clean up afterwards.

What do you use for quilting? I’d love to know and if you have some suggestions, please share them.

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