Question to quilters: what are your favourite quilting blogs?


As I’m just beginning to quilt again, I’ve been wondering what other quilters think are their favourite blogs and sites. There are thousands of blogs and sites around the internet, and many are just passing fads. So, what do you think are your current favourites?

I can’t think of any. There are a few blogs which I like reading and I know what they’re talking about but there aren’t any that I keep up with. There are a few that I follow just to keep up to date with what is happening.

I have to admit that I have a tendency to avoid the more ‘quilting’ based blogs because they seem to all have a strong personality. I’ve read several over the last few years and the ones that I like are either quilting in the UK or just sharing sewing projects. I’ve found those that tend to post more than sewing have a lot of fluff but those who just post sewing have a lot of detail.

I have to admit that I’m one of those who finds it hard to comment on blogs. I’d like to visit some of the blogs, but I get too tired. I just can’t think that I can contribute anything to the quilt world. So, I keep to the ones that I love.

I think my favourites are probably Quilting Soup, Craftsy and Moda Work Shop. I’m a bit slow to join the craze of things – I’m happy to spend hours reading tutorials and looking at blogs but I don’t do a lot of sewing myself.

I think my favourite is a combination of those two, Quilting Soup, because it’s really informative, but also because I love sewing with Moda’s fabrics. I love the way they have made me love sewing again.

I have only visited a few blogs over the last few years. I really enjoy all of them. However, right now, I really enjoy reading about sewing and I like following some of the other bloggers on Facebook. I really love reading about what others are creating with sewing and quilting.

I am not an “in-the-know” quilter. If I find a new blog or find out about an upcoming conference I will definitely follow the link and try to get as much info as I can. In reality, the only bloggers I am interested in reading are those I know. I like to visit blogs that I know are written by folks who have a personal blog as well as the blog of their business and if they have a good following, I will follow the business too. The bloggers I follow are all women who sew but one who does have a quilt show every year which I love going to.

I’m not a huge reader of blogs, but I do keep a couple that are good. I’ve only recently started really sewing again after a long hiatus. I’m on Ravelry and love seeing all the cute sewing projects other people have made.

What are your current favourite blogs or websites? Do you visit more than a couple?

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